As an observer of human nature, which all good security types and intelligence analysts should be, I have been flattened by the lack of effective planning.

Most people who own businesses that I approach as a potential client tell me “I don’t need that, it won’t happen to me”…

“In 2005, 49% of the respondents stated that their Crisis Management/Business Resumption/Disaster Recovery plans were in development. And the fact that this number dropped to 17% in 2015 suggests that organizations are bringing those efforts to fruition. Further complementing this statistic is that in 2005, 25% noted their programs were fully functional and by 2015 this figure increased two-and-a-half times to 63%”.

There is a significant risk of loss of life and livelihood in ignoring prudent planning. Plans can be as simple as in event situation Y, meet at location X, to regroup and plan.

A more comprehensive plan would be, in event of event Y, meet at location X, and determine if we should activate Contingency Alpha or Bravo (Charlie and Delta would be good to have as well, but these don’t need to be as fleshed out as the primaries).

A business owner is a leader in their company and community, a good leader takes care of their people. Planning and mitigation of hazards has saved lives and property. This benefits the community as the business is able to continue to provide services that allow other business to maintain viability, and the employees and service providers maintain an income stream.

This income stream is taxed at the local and state level and pays, in part for emergency services. These services exist to protect lives and property, completing the circle.

Emergency Management Cycle

Waiting until the disaster is at your doorstep to begin planning is an invitation for chaos and disaster. By calmly and logically examining potential threats and hazards, cogent plans can be emplaced that allow for a timely activation of contingency plans. This means no one is panicking, forgetting “last minute” items, because the checklist has been reviewed and revised through multiple exercises.

Calm and logic will save you; panic and rush will condemn you.